Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inscrutable Korean Air

A few days ago, this new Korean Air ad debuted in Time. The headline says:

"From departure to arrival, the world is a step closer with Korean Air."

Huh? However, if you read the tiny body copy, you learn that Korean Air's "fast and convenient global network serves you anywhere around the world in style."

Okay. But what in the world is this fantastically stylish winged creature? The Little Mermaid of the airways? A San Francisco Gay Pride Parade queen? Beats me.

This ad relies heavily on the abhorrent "borrowed interest." Meaning it uses a gimmick unrelated to the product benefit to reel in the reader. I'll probably never fly Korean Air, but gee, I'd sure like to know where that lady got that swell ball gown.

Sarah Palin probably could have gotten one of those courtesy of the RNC. But now, of course, she'd have to give it back. If she could find it. You know, "the kids lose underwear," she said. I wonder, what is the RNC going to do with all those duds Wasilla's winking wench purchased at Saks and Nieman-Marcus on their American Express card? Wouldn't you love to see Dick Cheney in that little Korean Air number? As he's marched off to an international war crimes tribunal?

Earlier, I wrote about Korean Air's inscrutable TV spot. I finally found the video on YouTube. It doesn't work as advertising, and the video doesn't work at all on the Korean Air site. Duh. (Make you wonder about their planes?) Anyway, here it is:

From an August news release about the campaign: “The ads create a tantalizing undercurrent. They’re quite flirtatious and a real departure from anything we have ever done. They have a retail sense to them. Our new commercials definitely showcase the absolute beauty of our mantra, Excellence in Flight”...

The agency is LG Advertising, Seoul.

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