Monday, January 26, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts' "Oaf of Office"

Good grief!

How in the world could the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court have faltered when administering the oath of office to the next President of the United States last Tuesday?

Well, one might suggest Justice Roberts exhibited unwarranted self-confidence by not consulting a cheat sheet. Or one might suggest he intentionally fouled up the inauguration of a Democrat. However, the explanation may be much simpler: that the Chief Justice is a stickler for words, and he apparently thought he could improve the word order found in the Constitution's version.

Roberts' "improvement" left some people wondering if the thing had been done quite correctly (though the new Prez takes office at noon, whether he's been sworn in or not). So, to quell any doubts or fears about the legitimacy of the oath's administration, I thought I heard on the radio in the other room that Roberts and Obama had re-done the oath in the bathroom. Which sounded funny and secretive. But of course, they did it in the Map Room, which isn't as funny at all.

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