Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Walt Disney and Salvadore Dali Collaboration

The short (6:46) cartoon, "Destino," is the result of an unlikely collaboration between Walt Disney (everybody's nice old uncle) and Salvadore Dali (the Surrealist who painted all those melted clocks). Dali was listed as one of the "writers," probably means he concepted and storyboarded it and told Disney's animators what actions he wanted between the still frames.

You see the familiar melted clocks and barren landscape, and bicyclists riding along with loaves of bread on their heads, and stones falling away to reveal bleeding flesh underneath. It's pure free-association imagery, some rather scary and/or gross. The music track, a faux Spanish love song with corny Mantovani-style orchestration, is disturbing in its own way.

I found out from another blogger's 2007 post that:
Dali worked on Destino between 1945 and 46 until the money ran out. It was recently taken from the Disney vaults and completed using details notes and drawings using modern technology.
Kids, don't watch this on acid.

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