Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logos scare consumers, and other new ad wisdom

Who the heck is Martin Lindstrom? And why is he saying all these counter-intuitive things about advertising?

Lindstrom is the author of a new book called "Buyology." The book "details the results of an extensive global study of 2000 consumers who submitted to brain scans as they were exposed to various sorts of marketing communications. One finding he cites is that brand logos in ads generate more consumer suspicion than brand awareness."

In other words, everything you thought you knew about logos (make 'em bigger, plaster 'em everywhere, deluge the consumer in logos) is WRONG.

Go see his short video, "Do Consumers See Your Ads But Forget Your Brand?," one of a series he's doing in association with Advertising Age online. It explores new and innovative ways of building brands. And we all can use some help with "branding," that oft-used but seldom-understood term.

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