Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stephen Fowler: America's Worst Husband?

I admit I've tuned in to "Wife Swap" on ABC a few times. But I've never seen an episode where one of the husbands cruelly insulted and humiliated his temporary "wife," and in front of his own children, yet. His nastiness has spurred a national revulsion that is way out of proportion to the importance of the show. Stephen Fowler (at left) is now labeled "The Worst Husband Ever." What an honor!

The reason I'm recommending this blog to you is so that you can read this letter, which was imported from Facebook. It is a superb example of intelligent ridicule. As opposed to Stephen Fowler's crude dagger to the gut, the writer expertly employs the neat stiletto to the ego. In its way, perhaps it is as cruel to Stephen Fowler as he was to his "wife," Gayle. But it is so much less brutish, more gentlemanly. Take a look and admire the style.

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