Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Elance: A Great Place to Post Your Freelance Work

I've found Elance.com to be an excellent place to post my print and Web work. Wish they could handle video and audio files, too, so I could have all my samples in one place. But nonetheless, being able to present a broad range of writing in one place, plus your picture, info and resume, is a real help for a freelancer like me.

You just can't cram all the print work a prospect might possibly want to see into a leather portfolio. You'd need a forklift to carry it around. But online, there's practically no limit to what you can post. And your potential client can pick and choose what to view.

I should mention that Elance is a bad place to try to get freelance jobs (which is its whole raison d'etre). There are thousands of jobs posted, many of which I could do. But there also are thousands and thousands of freelancers bidding on the same jobs. And most of the jobs are pretty low-paying. Some clients want you to write an article ten different ways for a grand total of $20.00. Most projects are budgeted at $500 or under, and the clients are not what I'd call professional clients. That said, I still recommend it to freelancers as a way of showing your work to prospective clients in the easiest, most efficient way for them and for you.

See my portfolio here . I have ads, articles, short stories, blog posts, and other stuff there for your reading enjoyment. I just added a couple of new items today.

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