Thursday, April 9, 2009

Conficker worm on the move

Conficker worm is on the move.
To see if your machine is infected, go to .

This notice is from Paul Myers at
Conficker, considered to be potentially one of the nastiest
worms to hit the Internet in quite a while, has finally woken
up. It's downloading updates, which security analysts suspect
to be keyloggers or other code designed to steal information
from infected machines.

To see if your machine is infected, go to

It's an extremely simple test. Load the page and see if you get
all 6 pictures. If you do, you're unlikely to be infected. The
explanation is VERY short, and included on the page.

Feel free to pass that URL around to anyone you like. The more
people know if their systems are infected, the better.

If you find that you're are likely to have the worm on your
machine, immediately disconnect from the Internet. Find a
machine that isn't infected, and get a copy of Microsoft's
Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Do not reconnect to the Internet until you've run that on the
infected machine.
Here's an article with more about the worm.

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