Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Volvo TV spot mystery

Why an optically challenged actor?

I've been seeing Volvo XC60 TV spots recently that feature a brief appearance by a "Volvo spokesman." A middle-aged, blonde man who says something in Swedish to a young couple, then, "Welcome to your new car."

The spots are well-done and feature music most people seem to like. But one thing nags at me: Why is the "spokesman" a person with one inward-turning eye? It's troubling. Is he a top exec at Volvo? Is that why they had to feature him? Or, if he is an actor, is he the only Swede they could find?

I am not down on physically challenged people, but I question casting any actor who will draw attention to himself or herself and distract attention from the product. An abnormal eye, even though it's seen only for a fraction of a second, can do that.

If anybody knows anything about this spokesman and why he appears in the spots (I've seen two different ones so far), please let me know. It's just buggin' me. Y'know?

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