Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad worm for PCs. Tee hee, I'm a Mac.

Get thee behind me, Koobface!

If you're a PC, and you're on Facebook, look out. There's an ugly worm called Koobface afoot that will steal your info and try to get you to divulge your username and password. One more reason to be glad if you're a Mac.

Whether you're a PC or a Mac, you should never divulge that type of information to anyone online, unless you are 100% sure the request is coming from a company you can trust, one you do business with. For instance, if I get a message from Bank of America, I know it's a phish because I stopped doing business with BOA years ago.

One way to detect a "phishing" letter is that instead of addressing you by name, it will have a general "Dear customer" address line or none at all. Your bank knows your name; have no doubt. So do other companies with whom you do business. Don't be fooled. And if you do see a phishing message, report it as spam to your ISP. Help kill the worm!


As Facebook works to make itself more relevant and timely for its growing member base with a profile page makeover, attackers seem to be working overtime to steal the identities of the friends, fans and brands that connect though the social-networking site.

Indeed, Facebook has seen five different security threats in the past week. According to Trend Micro, four new hoax applications are attempting to trick members into divulging their usernames and passwords. And a new variant of the Koobface worm is running wild on the site, installing malware on the computers of victims who click on a link to a fake YouTube video.

The Koobface worm is dangerous. It can be dropped by other malware and downloaded unknowingly by a user when visiting malicious Web sites, Trend Micro reports. When attackers execute the malware, it searches for cookies created by online social networks. The latest variant is targeting Facebook, but earlier variants have also plagued MySpace.

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