Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beware Conficker worm come April 1

If you are not already on a Mac or a Linux-powered computer, now might be the time to switch.
Horrible new worm to wreak havoc on April Fool's Day.
Christopher Null, The Working Guy
March 24, 2009

In an event that hits the computer world only once every few years, security experts are racing against time to mitigate the impact of a bit of malware which is set to wreak havoc on a hard-coded date. As is often the case, that date is April 1.

Malware creators love to target April Fool's Day with their wares, and the latest worm, called Conficker C, could be one of the most damaging attacks we've seen in years.

Conficker first bubbled up in late 2008 and began making headlines in January as known infections topped 9 million computers. Now in its third variant, Conficker C, the worm has grown incredibly complicated, powerful, and virulent... though no one is quite sure exactly what it will do when D-Day arrives.

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