Saturday, March 21, 2009

State Farm "16 Going on 17" ad and download

State Farm targets new teen drivers with its new TV spot. I imagine it's the "Get 'em early, and they'll be loyal for life" tactic. Which makes good sense.

The spot features several shots of kids posing for their driver's license photo in various attitudes, while a bored, annoyed DMV lady does not share in their obvious glee. Pretty amusing.

What's really different about the spot is that it gives you a URL where you can download the tune that goes with it, "16 Going on 17," for free. It's a fairly good rockin' little number. First time I've ever heard of an insurance company talking to teens on TV (There's a safe driving message, too, of course.) and offering a music download.

What's really strange about it is that I couldn't find any reference to it on the State Farm website. Which is a logical place to look if you have forgotten the URL on the spot. Major oversight there. But kudos for smart targeting and a fun spot that likely will appeal to teens.

Wonder if teens in that age group will think the tune is cool enough to download. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

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