Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Facebook sucks now

Imagine you had built a pretty darned good social networking site called Facebook that people of all ages enjoyed using. Now imagine you wanted it to be more Twitter-like, 'cause you thought Twitter was more "now" than your site. So you took out a lot of the features that made your site enjoyable. And you dumbed it down to a kindergartner's level. That would be bad for your brand, wouldn't it? Sure it would.

It beggars belief that any outfit would make its successful site a clunker on purpose. But apparently, that's what's happened to Facebook. A "beta" version was sent to a few subscribers, like Matt, who ticked off 10 reasons why Facebook sucks now. Here's a snippet:
The Facebook staff really have no idea what they are doing, where they are taking the site, and what branding means.

The new "redesign" of Facebook, which was released earlier today to a "select" group of users (sadly, me included) was clearly designed by a 5-year-old -- oh wait, no, I take that back ... my daughter could design a better front end than they did.

They took a lot of functionality, customization and filtering capability out of the home page and replaced it with Twitter-like features, which is to say, they dumbed it down for children.

I don't think I have ever before seen such a global removal of functionality touted as a revolutionary beneficial redesign for all end users. It ended up being quite the opposite.

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