Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How do people read websites?

The Web attracts millions of eyes... Does your website catch them?

Found an interesting article based on a recent eye tracking study. In it, you'll find 12 website tactics that the study indicates are effective. There's also a link to the study report.

Some of the findings are counter-intuitive. For instance, if you want people to pay close attention to content, make the type smaller, so they have to concentrate harder to read it. (Maybe a variation of the old ad campaign that recommended you whisper if you want people to listen.) Also, it turns out people are drawn to headlines more than to graphics. That should unsettle the art directors, some of whom believe (and I have tended to agree) that "people don't read copy."

Go here for more helpful info on creating websites that grab users by the eyeballs and hold them.

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