Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scientists Could Communicate More Effectively

Sent by a friend:

The following is an actual sentence, copied from a posting to President Obama's request for input from the science community on the hiring competent scientists, by a chemist from San Diego. Is there any doubt that scientists need to focus on their communication skills? If a normal sentence were a sprint, this sentence would be a marathon.
Please consider encouraging, in publicly funded projects, and incentives similarly in the private sector as well, more opportunities for “on-the-job” training/re-training for scientific, engineering and other technological positions for American citizens that have sufficient or nearly so academic education and sometime more than adequate, but due to various situations have not obtained as much professional experience in some narrow area that one may be well aware of the usefulness of acquiring experience in this, given their both theoretical and practical academic training, and thus actively seek to develop this as such, or even conversely speaking for example, with something commonly used, yet by sheer coincidence the professional experience obtained from the given jobs that one is hired for instead involve something narrow that is not common to other similarly classified positions rather than either not or only not very extensively involving this marketable skill set resulting be passed over in favor of foreign workers on H-1B or other such visas who may in fact, have even less or at least roughly equivalent, thus far before the time of hire, overall combined cumulative academic/professional experience!

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